New Yam Festival 2011 am 03.12.2011

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New Yam Festival / Official Confirmation of the Continuation of Eze Ndi Igbo the 1st.
H.R.H Eze M.C. Ugwumba, Eze Ohazurume!

Das jährliche Erntedankfest (Iri Ji Ndi Igbo)

Datum: 3. Dezember 2011
Ort: Lagergasse 98a, 8020 Graz
Einlass: 20:30 Uhr
Beginn: 21:30 Uhr

Eintritt frei!


  • Ugobueze – Cultural Masquerade Dance (a.k.a. Sikisirii)
  • DJ: African Time (Radio Helsinki 92,6 FM)
  • Inus Cultural Dancing Group – Graz
  • Ben Television London
  • (Igba Eze) from Baodo Boys
  • DJ 3gga / Vienna
  • HIGHLIGHT: Presentation of African Voice Magazine – 1st Edition

Special Guests of Honour

  • Her Excellency Maria Oyeyinka Laose, The Ambassador Fed. Rep. of Nigeria, Vienna – Austria
  • His Excellency Chief Executive Governor of Anambra State Dr. Peter Obi
  • Mayor of Graz Mag. Siegfried Nagl


1 Kommentar

  • Von: CHARLES NWAEHIE CHUKWUKERE, am 26. December 2011, 06:41 Uhr
    Everything in life is drawing,drawing is such an enormous thing in life.
    when i see a child pick up a pencil and piece of paper my heart just leaps with expectation and excitement.
    Little kids are capable of making a drawing.
    I am happy,Igbo national Union Steiermark Graz are capable of making a drawing.I feel they is beauty in everything,i transfer something from lower value to a high value rich in heart,rich in mind,rich in materialS.
    Happiness is being Happy with what you are doing.I am happy with what i am doing in Igbo National Union Steiermark Graz Austria as an Executive and also with the Office or post as Assistant Secretary,IGBO NATIONAL UNION STEIERMARK GRAZ AUSTRIA:MR CHARLES NWAEHIE CHUKWUKERE.